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Drama My Glory Was I Had Such Friends Mini-series

Animation Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai

Musical Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Fantasy The Witcher: Blood Origin Mini-series

25 December - 25 December

Sci-Fi Ahsoka

Horror The Last of Us

Superhero Secret Invasion

Superhero Armor Wars

Superhero Ironheart

Comedy Party Down Mini-series

Crime Berlin

Fantasy Avatar: The Last Airbender


Crime Justified: City Primeval Mini-series

Drama Power Book V: Influence

The Curse

Comedy Night Court

17 January

Comedy That '90s Show

19 January

Comedy The Archer Connection

Horror The Walking Dead: Dead City

Superhero The Penguin Mini-series


22 January

Not Dead Yet

8 February

Superhero Gotham Knights


8 January

Thriller Copenhagen Cowboy

5 January - 5 January

Fantasy Anansi Boys Mini-series

Drama Laison

Sci-Fi Kindred Mini-series

13 December - 13 December

Adventure National Treasure: Edge of History

14 December

Western 1923

18 December

Comedy Represent

20 January - 20 January

Animation Krapopolis

Action The Recruit

16 December - 16 December

Will Trent

3 January

Thriller The Rig

6 January

Fantasy Lockwood & Co.

27 January - 27 January

Western 1883: The Bass Reeves Story

Superhero Gen V

Drama Wilderness

Horror Mayfair Witches

8 January

Drama Wolf Pack

26 January

The Company You Keep

19 February

Action Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Comedy-drama Poker Face

26 January

Comedy Shrinking

27 January

Drama Far from Home

16 December - 16 December

Thriller Treason Mini-series

26 December - 26 December

Thriller Kaleidoscope

1 January - 1 January