Top Franchises (par votes)

 TitleVotes# Movies
1Harry Potter452 8Quickvote
2James Bond395 24Quickvote
3Star Wars358 11Quickvote
4Marvel Cinematic Universe307 18Quickvote
5Batman293 8Quickvote
6Indiana Jones249 4Quickvote
7The Lord of the Rings238 6Quickvote
8Pirates of the Caribbean227 5Quickvote
9X-Men212 9Quickvote
10Spider-Man187 6Quickvote
11Alien166 6Quickvote
12Jurassic Park162 4Quickvote
13Die Hard156 5Quickvote
14Terminator153 5Quickvote
15Saw151 8Quickvote
16Shrek143 4Quickvote
17Twilight142 5Quickvote
18Jason Bourne136 5Quickvote
19The Fast and the Furious127 8Quickvote
20Back to the Future126 3Quickvote
21Planet of the Apes122 9Quickvote
22Mission: Impossible122 5Quickvote
23The Matrix115 3Quickvote
24Kill Bill113 2Quickvote
25Scream113 4Quickvote
26Toy Story112 3Quickvote
27Men in Black111 3Quickvote
28Ice Age111 5Quickvote
29Ocean's 11108 4Quickvote
30Final Destination106 5Quickvote
31Les bronzés105 3Quickvote
32Astérix (Live action)105 4Quickvote
33Hannibal Lecter103 5Quickvote
34Iron Man102 3Quickvote
35Dollars Trilogy (or Man with No Name Trilogy)102 3Quickvote
36Rocky99 7Quickvote
37Taxi98 5Quickvote
38Superman96 9Quickvote
39Transformers95 5Quickvote
40Star Trek94 13Quickvote
41The Godfather92 3Quickvote
42Underworld90 5Quickvote
43Resident Evil (US)87 6Quickvote
44Scary Movie85 5Quickvote
45Jaws83 4Quickvote
46American Pie82 8Quickvote
47Home Alone81 3Quickvote
48Lethal Weapon80 4Quickvote
49The Chronicles of Narnia79 3Quickvote
50King Kong78 6Quickvote
51The Mummy78 4Quickvote
52Astérix (Animation)77 9Quickvote
53The Hangover76 3Quickvote
54Le gendarme75 6Quickvote
55Les visiteurs75 3Quickvote
56Freddy Krueger74 8Quickvote
57Halloween73 10Quickvote
58Monty Python71 3Quickvote
59The Fockers68 3Quickvote
60OSS 117 (Michel Hazanavicius)67 2Quickvote
61Rambo67 4Quickvote
62Avatar66 1Quickvote
63Austin Powers66 3Quickvote
64Fantastic Four65 3Quickvote
65The Hunger Games65 4Quickvote
66Da Vinci Code64 3Quickvote
67Arthur et les Minimoys64 3Quickvote
68Bad Boys64 2Quickvote
69Alice in Wonderland63 2Quickvote
70The Expendables63 3Quickvote
71Madagascar62 3Quickvote
72Night of the Living Dead62 10Quickvote
73Transporter60 4Quickvote
74National Treasure59 2Quickvote
75Blade58 3Quickvote
76Rush Hour58 3Quickvote
77Kick-Ass57 2Quickvote
78Night at the Museum57 3Quickvote
79Predator56 3Quickvote
80Beverly Hills Cop55 3Quickvote
81Minority Report54 1Quickvote
82Mad Max54 4Quickvote
83Friday the 13th54 12Quickvote
8430054 2Quickvote
85The Texas Chain Saw Massacre53 7Quickvote
86Spy Kids53 4Quickvote
87Kung Fu Panda53 3Quickvote
88Unbreakable / Split / Glass53 2Quickvote
89Ghost Busters53 3Quickvote
90Sherlock Holmes (Guy Ritchie)52 2Quickvote
91Zorro (Antonio Banderas)51 2Quickvote
92Sin City51 2Quickvote
93Evil Dead50 4Quickvote
94Thor50 3Quickvote
95Tomb Raider50 3Quickvote
96The Mask48 2Quickvote
97Iwo Jima48 2Quickvote
98Monsters, Inc.48 2Quickvote
99Mesrine48 2Quickvote
100Hellboy48 2Quickvote
101Blade Runner48 2Quickvote
102The Lion King47 3Quickvote
103Oliver Stone's Vietnam War Trilogy47 3Quickvote
104Rooster Cogburn46 3Quickvote
105Almighty46 2Quickvote
106Paranormal Activity46 6Quickvote
107Independence Day46 2Quickvote
108Psycho46 4Quickvote
109Robocop45 4Quickvote
110Aladdin45 3Quickvote
111Shining45 1Quickvote
112Speed45 2Quickvote
113Hulk44 2Quickvote
114Clash of the Titans44 3Quickvote
115Rec43 4Quickvote
116Finding Nemo43 2Quickvote
117Cars43 3Quickvote
118Ace Ventura42 2Quickvote
119The Hills Have Eyes42 4Quickvote
120The Vengeance Trilogy42 3Quickvote
12128 Days Later42 2Quickvote
122Jack Ryan42 5Quickvote
123Despicable Me42 3Quickvote
124Les rivières pourpres42 2Quickvote
125Godzilla [us]42 2Quickvote
126El Mariachi41 3Quickvote
127Captain America41 3Quickvote
128Piranha41 4Quickvote
129Avengers40 2Quickvote
130Charlie's Angels39 2Quickvote
131Honey, I Shrunk the Kids39 3Quickvote
132xXx39 3Quickvote
133The Nutty Professor39 2Quickvote
134Dragon Ball39 19Quickvote
135The Addams Family39 3Quickvote
136Bridget Jones38 3Quickvote
137Camping38 3Quickvote
138Child's Play38 6Quickvote
139The Whole Nine Yards38 2Quickvote
140Gremlins38 2Quickvote
141How to Train Your Dragon38 2Quickvote
142Ring (US)37 3Quickvote
143101 Dalmatians (Animation Disney) 37 2Quickvote
144Pocahontas37 2Quickvote
145Wild Wild West37 1Quickvote
146Dirty Harry37 5Quickvote
147The Jungle Book37 2Quickvote
1482001: A Space Odyssey37 2Quickvote
149The Fugitive36 2Quickvote
150Beauty and the Beast (Animation Disney)36 2Quickvote
151DC Comic Cinematic Universe36 4Quickvote
152Riddick36 3Quickvote
153I Know What You Did Last Summer35 3Quickvote
154The Little Mermaid35 2Quickvote
155Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy35 3Quickvote
156Starship Troopers35 3Quickvote
157Machete34 2Quickvote
158Beetlejuice34 1Quickvote
159The Hunchback of Notre Dame34 2Quickvote
160Hercules (Disney)34 1Quickvote
161From Dusk Till Dawn34 3Quickvote
162Trilogie de Cédric Klapisch34 3Quickvote
163Millennium (Sweden)33 3Quickvote
164Blair Witch33 3Quickvote
165The Incredibles33 1Quickvote
166Trainspotting32 2Quickvote
167Hancock32 1Quickvote
168Highlander32 4Quickvote
169Doctor Dolittle32 3Quickvote
170The Exorcist32 4Quickvote
171Ghost Rider31 2Quickvote
172Conan the Barbarian31 3Quickvote
173Battle Royale31 2Quickvote
174The Rescuers31 2Quickvote
175Percy Jackson31 2Quickvote
176Taken30 3Quickvote
177Basic Instinct30 2Quickvote
178Cloverfield30 3Quickvote
179Peter Pan (Animation Disney)30 2Quickvote
180Cube30 3Quickvote
181Alien vs. Predator30 2Quickvote
182Silent Hill30 2Quickvote
183The NeverEnding Story30 3Quickvote
184Sister Act29 2Quickvote
185Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles29 5Quickvote
186Red29 2Quickvote
187The Descent29 2Quickvote
188Largo Winch29 2Quickvote
189La vérité si je mens28 3Quickvote
190Hostel28 3Quickvote
191G.I. Joe28 2Quickvote
192Les trois frères28 2Quickvote
193The Huntsman28 2Quickvote
194Mr. Bean28 2Quickvote
195Rio27 2Quickvote
196Free Willy27 4Quickvote
197Karate Kid27 4Quickvote
198The Fly26 2Quickvote
199Tron26 2Quickvote
200Top Gun26 1Quickvote