Top Séries (par votes)

 TitleVotes# Seasons
1Desperate Housewives98 8Quickvote
2Smallville92 10Quickvote
3Dexter91 8Quickvote
4The Simpsons90 24Quickvote
5Lost86 6Quickvote
6Supernatural69 13Quickvote
7Game of Thrones63 8Quickvote
8True Blood60 7Quickvote
9Grey's Anatomy55 9Quickvote
10The Walking Dead54 8Quickvote
112451 8Quickvote
12Prison Break48 4Quickvote
13Breaking Bad48 5Quickvote
14Stargate SG-142 10Quickvote
15How I Met Your Mother42 8Quickvote
16Heroes36 4Quickvote
17House34 8Quickvote
18The Big Bang Theory34 8Quickvote
19One Piece30 16Quickvote
20Californication30 7Quickvote
21One Tree Hill28 8Quickvote
22NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service27 8Quickvote
23Sons of Anarchy26 7Quickvote
24Kaamelott25 6Quickvote
25Criminal Minds24 6Quickvote
26Naruto: Shippuden24 12Quickvote
27Stargate Atlantis24 5Quickvote
28The Shield23 7Quickvote
29Buffy the Vampire Slayer22 7Quickvote
30The Vampire Diaries21 8Quickvote
31Spartacus20 3Quickvote
32Glee20 6Quickvote
33The X-Files19 9Quickvote
34Weeds18 8Quickvote
35CSI: Crime Scene Investigation18 10Quickvote
36South Park17 13Quickvote
37Misfits17 5Quickvote
38Entourage16 8Quickvote
39The Mentalist16 7Quickvote
40Rome15 2Quickvote
41Angel15 5Quickvote
42Private Practice14 4Quickvote
43Fringe14 5Quickvote
44Charmed13 8Quickvote
45Bones13 12Quickvote
46Heartland12 12Quickvote
47Ghost Whisperer12 5Quickvote
48Stargate Universe12 2Quickvote
49Homeland12 5Quickvote
50Falling Skies11 5Quickvote
51Alias10 5Quickvote
52The Wire10 5Quickvote
53Deadwood10 3Quickvote
54Dark Angel10 2Quickvote
55Scènes de ménages9 2Quickvote
56Modern Family9 6Quickvote
57Black Sails9 4Quickvote
58Dragon Ball Super9 5Quickvote
59Black Mirror9 4Quickvote
60Battlestar Galactica9 4Quickvote
61Boardwalk Empire9 5Quickvote
62American Horror Story9 5Quickvote
63Stranger Things9 3Quickvote
64Arrow9 6Quickvote
65Chuck9 5Quickvote
66Teen Wolf9 6Quickvote
67Kyle XY9 3Quickvote
68Twin Peaks8 2Quickvote
69Nikita8 4Quickvote
70Hawaii Five-08 8Quickvote
71Plus belle la vie8 7Quickvote
72Penny Dreadful8 3Quickvote
73Futurama8 6Quickvote
74V7 2Quickvote
75Spartacus: Gods of the Arena7 1Quickvote
76Vikings7 4Quickvote
77Daredevil7 3Quickvote
78True Detective7 3Quickvote
79Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles7 2Quickvote
80Medium7 7Quickvote
81Justified7 3Quickvote
82The L Word7 6Quickvote
83Star Wars: The Clone Wars6 4Quickvote
84Ugly Betty6 2Quickvote
85Sphinx - History's Secrets6 4Quickvote
86The Tiger Brigades6 6Quickvote
87Gossip Girl6 4Quickvote
88Peaky Blinders6 4Quickvote
89Skins6 2Quickvote
90Roswell6 3Quickvote
91Jericho6 2Quickvote
92Grimm6 6Quickvote
93Veronica Mars6 3Quickvote
94Case Closed6 6Quickvote
95Orange Is the New Black5 4Quickvote
96Haven5 5Quickvote
97Mad Men5 5Quickvote
98Under the Dome5 3Quickvote
99Naruto5 5Quickvote
100Mr. Robot5 3Quickvote
101The Magicians5 3Quickvote
102The Event5 1Quickvote
103Six Feet Under5 5Quickvote
104Lucifer5 4Quickvote
105The Killing5 3Quickvote
106Moonlight5 1Quickvote
107Narcos5 2Quickvote
108Being Human4 4Quickvote
109The Last Ship4 3Quickvote
110Breaking In4 2Quickvote
111Lie to Me4 2Quickvote
112The Pacific4 1Quickvote
113How to Get Away With Murder4 2Quickvote
114Band of Brothers4 1Quickvote
115The Dead Zone4 4Quickvote
116Orphan Black4 4Quickvote
117Hero Corp4 2Quickvote
118Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman4 4Quickvote
119The Unit4 4Quickvote
120The Borgias4 3Quickvote
121Pushing Daisies4 2Quickvote
122Turn: Washington's Spies4 4Quickvote
123Terra Nova4 1Quickvote
124Westworld4 1Quickvote
125The 1004 4Quickvote
126Dead Set4 1Quickvote
127Beauty and the Beast4 4Quickvote
128The Lost Room3 1Quickvote
129The Adventures of Tintin3 3Quickvote
130The Strain3 2Quickvote
131House of Cards3 3Quickvote
132Hell on Wheels3 3Quickvote
133The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers3 3Quickvote
134Preacher3 3Quickvote
135Hannibal3 2Quickvote
136United States of Tara3 3Quickvote
137Community3 2Quickvote
138Salem3 3Quickvote
139Outlander3 3Quickvote
140Sins of Love3 3Quickvote
141The Americans3 3Quickvote
14224: Live Another Day3 1Quickvote
143Sol Key3 1Quickvote
144Chernobyl3 1Quickvote
145Mutant X3 3Quickvote
146Eastbound & Down3 3Quickvote
147Avatar: The Last Airbender3 3Quickvote
148Bitten3 3Quickvote
149Sense83 2Quickvote
150Scorpion3 3Quickvote
151The 44003 1Quickvote
152Téléchat3 3Quickvote
153Ascension3 1Quickvote
154NCIS: Los Angeles3 2Quickvote
155Les revenants2 1Quickvote
156Et tout le monde s'en fout2 2Quickvote
157John Doe2 1Quickvote
158The Prisoner2 1Quickvote
159The Night Shift2 2Quickvote
160Scream2 2Quickvote
161Boss2 2Quickvote
162Dead Like Me2 2Quickvote
163Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.2 2Quickvote
164Mindhunter2 1Quickvote
165The Shannara Chronicles2 1Quickvote
16613 Reasons Why2 2Quickvote
167The Pillars of the Earth2 1Quickvote
168Alphas2 2Quickvote
169Braquo2 2Quickvote
170Survivors2 2Quickvote
171Human Target2 2Quickvote
172Jessica Jones2 2Quickvote
173Heroes Reborn2 1Quickvote
174Louie2 2Quickvote
175Luther2 1Quickvote
176Two and a Half Men2 2Quickvote
177The Germans 2 2Quickvote
178Iron Fist2 2Quickvote
179Star Trek2 2Quickvote
180Southland2 2Quickvote
181The Knick2 2Quickvote
182Hung2 2Quickvote
183Once Upon a Time2 1Quickvote
184Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2 1Quickvote
185Sherlock2 2Quickvote
186Camelot2 1Quickvote
187Z Nation2 2Quickvote
188WorkinGirls2 1Quickvote
189The Flash2 1Quickvote
190White Collar2 2Quickvote
191Looking2 2Quickvote
192Luke Cage2 2Quickvote
193Journeyman2 1Quickvote
194Fate/zero2 2Quickvote
195Les bracelets rouges2 2Quickvote
196The Big C2 1Quickvote
197iZombie2 2Quickvote
198Happy Tree Friends2 2Quickvote
199Bref2 1Quickvote
200The Handmaid's Tale2 2Quickvote